About Me

I am very candid and personal. 

My Blog is a very candid sharing of my fitness journey, opinions and motivational page for you. Thanks for reading the content and I love receiving your feedback. Sometimes I can be goofy, but it makes for a great experience. Life is too short not to be positive and laugh a lot. Most of the time, I write from the heart, inspirations and what comes to mind. I think it makes it very personal like you and I are having a conversation. I am many things in this life: wife, mother, grandmother, trainer, writer, daughter, sister, and friend. What do I believe about my life: I have been on a daily journey to be a better person. Learning from each experience, taking from it the positive and leaving the rest behind.

I am very passionate about fitness and helping people adopt a healthy lifestyle.

My love for fitness started when I was in junior high school. My mentors were my physical education teachers. Through high school, I admired them and thrived from their encouragement. To this day, I believe I am a better person because of them. I wanted to do for others what they had done for me and my dream to teach fitness has been a strong one all my life. I am also very passionate about cooking and baking and have to say that comes from my parents. I was always in the kitchen with my Mom cooking something up. Cooking and baking are very therapeutic for me and a fabulous escape into creating something wonderful. I'm happy to share this passion every month as a feature writer for Natural Muscle Magazine where my monthly recipe submissions are shared all around the world.

Fast forward to now ... or should I rewind a bit more

Because my life and journey have molded me into who I am today, I will share a bit more. It's always hard to know just how deep to go in an about me page. Well, readers digest, I was married at 18 (yikes) and for 22-years struggled in an unhealthy relationship. I learned many positive things during such a difficult time and have 2 beautiful children. Life has a way of giving quite the education about boundaries, self-worth, love, and health.  Also, an understanding of what is healthy and what is not, and what is good for me and what is not. I look back on the journey and say thank you. I would not be where I am today without growing through such hurt and pain. Difficult times brought positive growth returning to college and completing my AS Biological and Natural Life Science degrees. I also graduated from massage therapy school as a certified massage practitioner specializing in sports technique and deep tissue. I have been an internationally certified personal fitness trainer for over 25 years. Continuing education is an ongoing process in my expert field of personal training and bodywork. I believe knowledge is power and I'm a fabulous work in progress every day.