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There are a number of reasons which lead women towards using natural treatment for fibroids.  One of the primary considerations for many is that conventional treatment is simply not a permanent option, with both drug treatment and even surgery being only temporary solutions.

Surgery can cause scarring inside the uterus which can, in some cases, bring its own set of problems including the presence of scar tissue which can prevent conception. The use of hormone-blocking drugs can cause unpleasant side effects including skin thinning and age, osteoporosis and menopause-like symptoms.

Of course, in the most serious cases, then surgery may well be the safest option, with some women electing to have a hysterectomy on the advice of their doctors.  In some cases, embolization has had good results when pregnancy is the main reason for dealing with fibroids.  Although the procedure is not necessarily permanent, it can give significant shrinkage which may aid normal conception and a healthy, largely fibroid-free pregnancy.

Natural Treatment For Fibroids

Natural treatment for fibroids is not without its limitations too.  If you have searched around on the internet you have probably come across a myriad of products.  You can buy herbal-based treatments, tinctures, homeopathic products and many others and you are probably left wondering which might work.

The truth is that as far as fibroids are concerned, there is no "quick-fix".  There are no miracle products to buy which will help in the long term.  Having said this, some of the products available may give some symptomatic relief (albeit temporary) but usually, the aim for most women is to find a permanent solution.

The reason why these products do not work is due to the very nature of fibroids themselves.

Fibroids are believed to grow in response to a number of different factors.  There is never any one single "cause".  Doctors cannot accurately say which factors are responsible for each individual but they can say which are influential.  It is usually a subtle combination of a number of different factors which triggers the development of fibroids and some of the likely causes include:

- Being overweight
- A build-up of liver toxins
- A tendency to inflammatory conditions
- Eating a poor diet
- Estrogen excess
- Genetic predisposition
- Looking at these possible causes might provide some clue as to why isolated natural treatment for fibroids has limited use.

To be successful, it is important to attempt to eliminate the root causes of fibroids.  The difficulty is that you cannot know (with the exception of an obvious one such as body weight and, possibly your diet) which are responsible and to what extent they are influencing your condition.  This is why a robust "no stone unturned" approach is necessary to remove all the potential causes, thus allowing for natural shrinkage.

Even a tried and tested natural treatment for fibroids will not guarantee success.  The emphasis is very much on you, and your willingness and ability to make a number of significant lifestyle and dietary changes.  For some women, following such as system is just too much and if your fibroids are small and causing very few symptoms, you may decide to try a couple of simple herbal products.

Motivation is a great thing though.  If your fibroids are causing symptoms which are detracting from the quality of your life, then you might find that actually being proactive and making the right kind of changes, even though not necessarily easy, a relief.

The main components of natural treatment for fibroids are:

- Detoxification
- Internal body cleansing
- Extensive dietary modification
- An exercise regime
- Alternative therapies
- Weight management
- Dietary supplementation

As you can see, rather than simply using a single natural product, there is so much more involved if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success.  However, when correctly followed, such as system can show very fast results, with symptomatic relief being possible within a couple of weeks.  However, if you are looking for actual shrinkage, this will take longer, but many women find that following a healthy path brings other unexpected health benefits.


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