Sunday, December 31, 2017

How To Turn Fat Into Muscle Using This Rare New Strategy - YOURHEALTH.TK

So many people want to know how to turn fat into muscle to achieve a muscular toned body. This article will discuss one strategy that has been proven to be especially useful for the purpose of both gaining muscle and losing fat. This strategy overcomes the one inherent problem involved in accomplishing both these goals at the same time.

How To Turn Fat Into Muscle

When it comes to gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time there is one inherent problem. These 2 goals require 2 opposite diet plans. To build muscle effectively one needs to consume a large caloric intake daily because of the high energy demands of the body, while when losing fat, the caloric intake must be decreased to see the significant loss in fat weight. Doing all the exercises right without following the appropriate diet plans will lead to substandard or poor results. This is why it is impossible to efficiently lose fat into the muscle at the same time.

The strategy in this article, however, allows the best of both worlds and will enable a person to lose fat into muscle.

Firstly, this method works based on a tactic called carb cycling. It simply means going from periods of low carb intake to periods of high carb intake and back and forth. Carb cycling allows for a low caloric intake during the fat loss phase and a high caloric intake during the muscle gain phase.

Let us adopt this strategy to a 3-week routine that can be repeated multiple times. 2 weeks will be high carb intake for muscle gain and 1 week will be low carb intake for fat loss if your main focus is to build muscle, while this can be reversed if your main focus is to burn fat.

The diet will, therefore, consist of high protein and high water intake with a substantial amount of healthy fats and oils. While in the low carb portion the carbohydrate intake is cut down drastically allowing for effective fat loss. In the high carb portion of the cycle, plenty of calories are provided for efficient muscle building.

In addition, since the body is not being allowed to settle into any one diet routine, the fat loss and muscle gain effects are doubled. This is due to various hormone levels and the science is too much to explain in a simple article. Furthermore, the high carb cycling phase is only 2 weeks which is not long enough to put on fat while gaining muscle. Likewise, the low carb cycle is so short it isn't sufficient to allow muscle burning during the fat loss phase. This is how to gain muscle fast while losing fat at similar speeds.

Exercising can be done continually maintaining high challenging weights while switching rep and set ranges every 3 weeks for optimal results. This prevents the body from plateauing.

This article will easily teach you how to turn fat into muscle with this one simple strategy.